Vegueta Ediciones launches Genios de la Ciencia, a biographical series of some of the most important scientists and inventors

The first week of October has seen the birth of one of our most solid publishing commitments. ‘Geniuses of Science’ is a biographical series of different scientists and inventors that aims to bring children closer to those great figures who with their study, discipline, and knowledge have contributed … Read more

Gutenberg, un inventor impresionante

Vegueta Ediciones wanted to launch the series ‘Genuises of Science’ by paying homage to the most important figure of a story we feel is much our own: books and publishing. Gutenberg, ‘an impressive inventor’ recounts the adventures of Johannes Gutenberg, the genius who invented the printing press and … Read more

Arquímedes, todo principio tiene un principio

The second title in the series ‘Geniuses of Science’ tells the story of Archimedes, the great mathematician of ancient Greece who demonstrated pivotal discoveries (such as the laws of the lever and buoyancy) and devised ingenious inventions such as the catapult or “Archimedes’ screw”. The adventures of this … Read more