Genios de la ciencia

Our biographical series of scientists and inventors aims to bring children closer to those great figures who with their study, discipline, and knowledge have contributed to the development and the quality of life of our society.

The choice of characters for each of the series’ titles is itself the best opportunity to define the elements setting it apart from the rest of biographical collections and, along with the quality of the texts and the illustrations, gives this set of titles its distinctive character.

In line with the current milieu and with ongoing educational trends, this selection poses the importance of dealing with pedagogical themes that traverse each of the different characters’ scope of activity. This core distinguishing mark guarantees its relevance and merit, both for family readings at home and at school, supporting their educational program.

More details

Despite the inevitable historical asynchrony between the activities of each character, the selection guarantees the presence of female figures, following our society and the current set of values readers are being educated in. It is not about a simple matter of statistics, it is about shedding light on, for children to see, the often-belittled role of women in the history of science and universal progress of civilization; more in agreement with the relevance they have today.

Although the collection is structured around individual figures and their discoveries, the texts transmit the idea that great advances are always the result of shared knowledge and pooling efforts, and that progress is a collective process.

A clear commitment of the project is to always contextualize the characters in their socio-cultural milieu. When preparing any of the titles, a wealth of documentary and graphic material is gathered to help the authors and illustrators characterize and set the person in their corresponding era and environment, making the reading of each title a complete immersion into a specific place and time in history.

Cross-cutting themes

As they relate to the life conditions of the different characters, each title deals appropriately with diverse cross-cutting themes, such as the importance of diversity, respect for the environment and living things, gender equality, and non-discrimination. There is also another set of transverse themes, common to all the characters, such as curiosity as the driver of knowledge, the fostering of study, research, and team-work.

Besides this, in the narrative of each biography, there are elements that allow setting the figures in their corresponding socio-historical contexts. This way, the series comprehensively characterizes all periods of history, from ancient times to our contemporary period.