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With the collection Unicornio de papel [Paper Unicorn], here at Vegueta Ediciones, we wish to make our own special contribution to the most exciting and universal project there is, children and young people’s education. Like magic, education has the potential to shed light onto the shadows and help make reason, ethics, and solidarity prevail, cultivating prosperity.

Our publications wish to support the work of creative individuals, educators, and teachers, without whose efforts and generosity the miracle of knowledge transfer would be impossible when, like the flame of a torch, it must carry on and grow every time it is passed on from generation to generation. Without the admirable dedication of these professionals, and without the innate curiosity of our most important accomplices — all the children who have at some point caught this miraculous reading bug —, very little of what we do would matter.

To edit works and authors that move and enlighten us, those which have a lot to say and that can impact our ways of thinking and worldviews.

To contribute new ideas and create publications that enrich culture and knowledge.

To improve reading experiences, paying special attention to the illustrations that accompany the texts, and the ‘green’, environmentally-friendly paper they rest on, in order to promote the sense of touch and the artistic judgment of our readership.

To support young authors, illustrators, and designers who present new languages and forms of expression and are able to bring different generations together.

To pay attention to every last detail in our publications to offer readers of every age an exceptional reading experience.