With the collection Ecolibri, we have the aim to bring together unique works, both unpublished and those rescued from an unfair obscurity, which share a common and fundamental denominator. They all collect the vision of great poets and writers on nature, the environment, and ecology.

When coming up with this series of titles, we begin with the fact that the planet is living a continually intensifying state of emergency, and are moved by the conviction that there is abundant work by great cultural figures which has the immense power to raise the readers’ awareness, enlighten them, and make them more sensitive towards the risks threatening our natural environment.

This editorial project is as convinced of the relevance of its cause as it is of its own artistic value, as the collection will always publish carefully-crafted editions, in large format, and often illustrated by important visual artists.

This is the case for one of our first publications, El cielo se está cayendo a pedazos [The sky is crumbling down], the first anthology of ‘ecopoems’ from the Chilean poet, and winner of the Cervantes Prize, Nicanor Parra.