El mago de la electricidad

Nikola Tesla was the scientist who created more inventions in the history of mankind. He was born in the mid-nineteenth century and, with his work, helped modernize the world with many advances based on electricity. We actually owe him the light of our houses! Many of the advances of the last 150 years are based on his inventions. It is no accident, for example, that they’ve named to the most modern brand of electric cars after him.

The text and the images make sure to deal with pedagogical threads that traverse the characters’ scope of activity, especially those related to the world of technology, both for family readings at home and at school, supporting the educational program.

The final pages of the book contain the main character’s summarized biography and a timeline that places him in his domain’s evolution, among other prominent figures.

Text: Ainhoa Rebolledo
Illustrations: Iratxe López de Munáin
Language Spanish and Catalan
ISBN: 978-84-17137-08-3
Binding Hardback
Format 240 x 240 mm
Pages 36
Price 14 €