Todo principio tiene un principio

The pages of this volume tell the story of Archimedes, the great mathematician of ancient Greece who made pivotal discoveries (such as the laws of the lever and buoyancy) and devised ingenious inventions such as the catapult or “Archimedes’ screw”. Both the register of the narrative and the style of the images, as well as the balance between the two, are appropriate for schoolchildren between 8 and 11 years old.

The text and the images make sure to deal with pedagogical threads that traverse the characters’ scope of activity, both for family readings at home and at school, supporting the educational program. Additionally, throughout the narrative the reader will find all the information necessary to appropriately situate the figure in their socio-historical context.

The volume includes two double-page illustrated annexes: one with a display of the laws of buoyancy and the lever, and the other explaining, over a map of the Mediterranean, the development of the Punic Wars. As well as this, the final pages of the book contain a summarized biography of the character and a chronological account of his contributions to the discipline, alongside other prominent figures who will be part of the series as the protagonists of other titles.

Text Álvaro Marcos
Illustrations Álex Herrerías
Language Spanish
ISBN 9788417137007
Binding Hardcover
Format 240 x 240 mm
Pages 36
Price 14 €