Vegueta Ediciones

‘Vegueta Ediciones’ is an independent publishing company, with offices in Barcelona and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, dedicated to fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for adults, as well as children’s literature.

Why Vegueta?

We borrowed our name from the founding settlement of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Established in 1478, the trade winds and sea currents made Vegueta a stop on Cristóbal Colón’s first voyage of discovery, to later become a routine port of call between the Old and New Worlds, between two — or many more — cultural paradigms that were beginning to intertwine.

The name Vegueta symbolizes the cultural oasis that blooms at this crossroad. With a foot in Africa, its heart in Latin-America, and its head in Europe, the colonial neighborhood of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been both a point of arrival and of departure and it displays an unusual diversity due to the influence of three continents, the exchange of knowledge, tolerance, and the cultural wealth of cities that look towards the horizon.

Its streets saw the birth of Benito Pérez Galdós and Alfredo Kraus, and were the refuge for artists such as the writer Agatha Christie and the musician Sant-Saens. The continual passage from Europe to America fostered the celebration of important music festivals with leading instrumentalists and opera singers, and its cultural heartbeat has continued to beat ever since.

Here in ‘Vegueta Ediciones’, we want to delve into the values of the neighborhood that gives us our name, promoting learning, tolerance, and diversity; adding our small drop to the ocean of literature and knowledge.

The name of our publishing house also alludes to the purpose of the old colonial enclave as a link, an intermediary, and the attempt to evoke it every day while tackling our fundamental aim: to facilitate, under the best possible conditions, contact between the authors we are passionate about and as many readers as possible.


To not publish in a rush, concentrating our energy only on works that enthrall us and which we can work on conscientiously.

To give shape to a coherent catalogue, a timeless collection that preserves its value and its interest beyond vogues and trends.

To edit works and authors that move and enlighten us, those which have a lot to say and that can impact our ways of thinking and worldviews.

To contribute new ideas and create publications that enrich culture and knowledge.

To improve reading experiences, paying special attention to the illustrations that accompany the texts, and the ‘green’, environmentally-friendly paper they rest on, in order to promote the sense of touch and the artistic judgment of our readership.

To support young authors, illustrators, and designers who present new languages and forms of expression and are able to bring different generations together.

To pay attention to every last detail in our publications to offer readers of every age an exceptional reading experience.

Eva Moll de Alba

Editorial Director

Eva Moll de Alba is an entrepreneur with a strong passion: reading. After graduating in business management, she began her career in New York with Burson-Marsteller, going on to participate in the founding of a number of technology companies and complementing her training with a master’s degree in new technologies. In parallel to her work in management, she has collaborated as a columnist in different media outlets as well as editing magazines and corporate books, promoting publishing projects and consulting for digital media. Her doctorate in journalism and communications, with a thesis on the publishing sector and social networks, took her deep into the publishing universe and prompted her to found ‘Vegueta Ediciones’.

Julio Fajardo Herrero

Editorial Coordinator

Julio Fajardo Herrero has been working as an editor and translator for fifteen years. He graduated in Spanish philology from the University of Salamanca and completed a master’s in editing from the same university and the publishing company Grupo Santillana. He has been in charge of the editorial coordination in a variety of companies and has edited books from diverse genres (fiction, poetry, essays, exhibition catalogs, audiobooks, architecture, facsimiles, etc.).