This volume of Nicanor Parra’s work is the first complete anthology, a deluxe edition, of the Chilean poet’s eco-poems; the creator of anti-poetry and winner of the Cervantes Prize in 2011. Eco-poems are understood as all those compositions by the author dedicated to ecological themes and the conservation of the planet; a cause for which he was a pioneer advocate since mid-twentieth century. The work gathers … Read more


La gran maestra de Alejandría

Hypatia of Alexandria was one of the first women philosophers and, nevertheless, history books have not been very good to her. A great Neoplatonic teacher, Hypatia excelled in the fields of Astronomy and Mathematics, although she is also remembered as a brilliant inventor: she improved the astrolabe … Read more

Jane Goodall

La mejor amiga de los chimpancés

Jane Goodall is one of the most important figures in the history of primatology. The journey followed in this volume serves both to explain what her decades studying chimpanzees consisted of or which were her main discoveries, and is also a way of transmitting important values such … Read more


Todo principio tiene un principio

The pages of this volume tell the story of Archimedes, the great mathematician of ancient Greece who made pivotal discoveries (such as the laws of the lever and buoyancy) and devised ingenious inventions such as the catapult or “Archimedes’ screw”. Both the register of the narrative and … Read more


Un inventor impresionante

The present volume in the series Genios de la ciencia [Geniuses of Science] tells the story of Johannes Gutenberg, the prodigy who invented the printing press and gave way to the first great revolution in the spreading of knowledge. The story not only explains the context in … Read more