In turbulent times, when the old has still to disappear and the new is yet to arrive, Pepe Moll de Alba offers a thought-provoking and illuminating gaze where his artwork, delicate and wry, is coupled with a provocative poetic text. His work reveals the influences of light –its shadows– and the places he has lived; from the clarity that washes over his native Barcelona and the … Read more


El mago de la electricidad

Nikola Tesla was the scientist who created more inventions in the history of mankind. He was born in the mid-nineteenth century and, with his work, helped modernize the world with many advances based on electricity. We actually owe him the light of our houses! Many of the … Read more

Steve Jobs

Inventor del mañana

Steve Jobs was a visionary, an inventor and a computer wizard to whom we owe the creation of such essential devices as the iPhone or the iPad. He lived a very intense life and knew how to overcome difficulties and make the most of every opportunity. In … Read more


La gran maestra de Alejandría

Hypatia of Alexandria was one of the first women philosophers and, nevertheless, history books have not been very good to her. A great Neoplatonic teacher, Hypatia excelled in the fields of Astronomy and Mathematics, although she is also remembered as a brilliant inventor: she improved the astrolabe … Read more

Jane Goodall

La mejor amiga de los chimpancés

Jane Goodall is one of the most important figures in the history of primatology. The journey followed in this volume serves both to explain what her decades studying chimpanzees consisted of or which were her main discoveries, and is also a way of transmitting important values such … Read more